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Why is Facebook important?

  • Over 2 Billion active users worldwide!
  • Over 1 Billion active mobile users.
  • There are over 15 Million active Australian users on Facebook.
  • 76% of those users login daily
  • Facebook is the MOST downloaded app on mobile phones.
  • 20-29 is the most popular age group on Facebook
  • 30-39 is the second most popular age group followed by ages 40-49 & 50-59.
  • 13-19 & 60+ are the least active age groups.

Why is Instagram important?

  • Over one billion monthly active users worldwide.
  • 80% of users follow one or more businesses on Instagram.
  • Over eight million active monthly users in Australia.
  • The most popular age groups on Instagram are between 18 - 34.

Why Social Media for Dentists?

  • Brand – Increase the awareness of your practice to your ideal patients within your local community.
  • Engage – With your online community to build relationships, gain trust & loyalty. Earn respect & long term connection with patients, stay relevant and separate yourself from the competition.
  • Grow - Promote & grow the culture of your practice and give back to your community.
  • We provide consistent, targeted posts in your local community to increase public engagement.

Managing a Social Media Plan

Who will be responsible for your Social Media page?

We work with three types of clients, providing social media for dentists:

  1. Those who work with us directly
  2. Those who choose a Social Media Champion in their practice to work with us
  3. Those who want us to take care of it all

What is included in the social media plan?

We will work with you to tailor the right plan for you


  • Posting and monitoring on your page
  • Video posts
  • Covers photo and logo changes upon request
  • Guidance and Direction


  • Posts and monitoring on your page
  • Video posts
  • Highlights created
  • Hashtag research and branding

We also provide Social Media Calendars: taking the stress out of finding what you should post about

What will the content be?

  • Engaging visual content, to encourage shares and likes
  • Monthly competitions
  • Cultural posts relevant to your community
  • Videos, either of your practice or the brands you work with
  • Prize giveaways, special events and promotions which we can then boost.

Social Media Plan Set-Up

  • Profile Image
  • Video Banner Cover
  • Services
  • Page Tags
  • Contact Details
  • Tab Management
  • Post Preparation
  • Facebook Insights
  • Social Analytics
  • Google Analytics

Monthly Social Media Calendar


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