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Client Testimonials

DF Marketing Dr Derek Mahony

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Dr Derek Mahony
Specialist Orthodontist
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dr Mahnaz Syed
DF Marketing Dr Mahnaz Syed

The Dental Focus team has just completed our new website. Our website was quite old and was in need of a makeover. Krishan Joshi from Dental Focus was recommended to me from a dear friend of mine and ex dental colleague from London Dr Joe Bhat. I could not be happier with our new website. Importantly to me, it was service that the Dental Focus team which include Krishan, Toby and Geeta provided. Nothing was too difficult and the advice and guidance was first class. As a specialist referral practice it is important that our website is up to date and full of relevant information for both our patients and referring dentists. I would recommend Krishan and the Dental Focus team for any dentist who is looking for a quality website.

Dr Mahnaz Syed
Specialist Periodontist – Principal Owner
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Elite Periodontal and Implant Centre

Featured Websites

100% Custom Design.
We never use pre-made templates. Ever.

Added Website Be

  • Dental Content by Dentist
  • Treatment content wording written by a dentist and marketers
  • MEDivision Video animations
  • AHPRA compliance guidance
  • Send a Selfie feature
  • Google virtual tours

Service & SEO Plan

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

The Service & SEO Plan means being here for the you, taking care of Monthly SEO Blog articles (for Google Search Engine Optimisation) and keeping the website up-to-date. All major developments such as banner animations, new pages, navigation structure or site-wide design changes are chargeable and quoted in advance.

The CSP will also provide you with access to the wealth of expertise and consultancy services in dental digital marketing. This covers the following maintenance and consultancy services:

  • Proactive 'critical point' thinking based on The 7Ps of Successful Dental Websites.
  • Website update requests for AHPRA compliance.
  • Website update requests for fees and team information.
  • Text and photo updates across all main content areas.
  • Monthly SEO Blog articles keyword-tagged and optimised for your location.

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Dental Focus clients expect:

  1. Guidance on AHPRA regulations.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI) and beyond.
  3. To attract ideal patients especially for private dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and orthodontic treatments.
p's of
Dental Marketing Websites
Bespoke websites

People buy from people they trust, so successful dental practices make it their priority to focus on winning a patient's trust from the minute they start researching treatment online. Many dental websites provide technical treatment information and basic contact details but fail to convey the personality of the practice and the team, the case studies of past patients and the visual proof of completed treatments, all of which help to engage and reassure new patients.

What are your Unique Selling Points?

Having created over 1,000 dental websites over 18 years, one of the key frameworks that successful Dental Focus clients use to make their websites powerful, emotional, and a cut above the competition is the "7P's", coined by Coach Chris Barrow. This is about personalising your website to ensure that it reflects your practice and everything that you have to offer. Your practice is much more than the treatments that you provide, and the 7P's ensure that you don't miss anything out by addressing Profile, People, Premises, Prices, Promises, Proof and Products.

Dental Marketing
P# 1
Dental practice websites are usually too busy catering for everyone that they do not stand for anything and do not stand out. The home page needs to be fast to download but also quickly understood. The look, the feel, the brand all need to convince your specific target patient that this is the right place. Your USPs should be clear and the targeted visitor must feel compelled to stay and click in less than 5 seconds.
P# 2
Dental practice websites usually forget customer service is visually represented through people that appear professional. You need to show the personality of a happy and approachable team with great smiles. You need to look and read as the experts with the best level of customer service.
P# 3
Dental practice websites need to stop showing scary dental surgeries, sharp tools and boring technology that mean nothing to the patient. Virtual tours using professional photography or corporate video need to focus on the feeling of luxury and comfort, showing patients what they actually care to look at, such as impressive patient lounges, classy receptions and boutique wash rooms.
P# 4
Dental practices generally attempt to show their fees online but are confused on the benefit that brings. It is important to appear fixed, transparent and affordable with value for money to attract your correct target patient otherwise you will not stand out.
P# 5
Dental practices commonly forget that customer service has to be promised and the brand standards need to be stated. Patients need to know what to expect. This is all usually hidden and difficult to find or lengthy to read. Video and/or photography should be used to explain the patient journey.
P# 6
Dental practices need to use illustrated patient case studies to attract more patients and convert them into enquiries. You need before and after 'smile photos' to show clinical expertise and this means no blood, no gore, no metal, no tools and no retractors. You need full face 'smile photos' to show gratitude in your patient's eyes. You need to show patients that you are the expert by showing off your qualifications, certification and any courses you have been on. Make sure that patients are fully aware of your experience and training, because this will set you apart from other clinicians and practices.
P# 7
Dental practices are forgetting to differentiate their treatments. Websites tend to advertise the exact same services as others dentists so patients believe price comparison is the only difference. Personalising treatments and creating 'branded experience' packages are required to make you incomparable.

Treatment Wording and Videos

Benefits & Features

  1. Over 200+ video sequences in the library.
  2. Videos are now higher quality and larger (400x225).
  3. iPad/iPhone detection and compatible videos (30-50% of website traffic).
  4. Videos centrally hosted for faster download and saving you web space.
  5. Video enhancements are automatically instant without waiting for website updates.
  6. Only $39+GST per month by direct debit.

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